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Bonan was awarded the best poster prize at the MMM Hub Conference 2018
Public release of the AIRSS package
Complex atomic networks
College Senior Scholarship for Ben
PhD student Ben Shires has been awarded a Fitzwilliam College Senior Scholarship.
CASTEP: From research code to software product with Professor Chris Pickard
On 22 January 2020, Chris Pickard will give a talk followed by a Q&A session on commercialising software.
Welcome to Dr Bartomeu Monserrat
The Materials Theory Group welcomes new faculty member and new group member Bartomeu Monserrat.
Learning energies from random searches as you go
Research Assistant/Associate (Fixed Term) - Exploiting XFEL for High Energy Density and Materials Science
Helium–water compounds exhibit multiple superionic states
In-browser cloud-hosted AIRSS examples available
A possible route to room-temperature superconductivity under pressure
Total Energy and Force Methods 2018
A real-space way to do your electrostatic sums
Xenon oxides Xe2O5 and Xe3O2
Quantum hydrogen-bond symmetrization in the superconducting hydrogen sulfide system
Single-Layered Hittorf’s Phosphorus: A Wide-Bandgap High Mobility 2D Material
Reproducibility in density functional theory calculations of solids
Two Dimensional Ice from First Principles: Structures and Phase Transitions
Predicting interface structures
Aluminium at terapascal pressures
The end of water
Carbon and oxygen at extremes
A potential way to make graphene superconducting
Research Assistant/Associate (Fixed Term) - Algorithms to navigate material structure space
An icy treasure map
New release of the AIRSS package
Iron and helium get friendly under pressure
Introducing GOSH: the geometry optimisation of structures from hyperspace