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New release of the AIRSS package

last modified Jul 03, 2018 11:27 AM

Ab initio Random Structure Searching (AIRSS) is a very simple, yet powerful and highly parallel, approach to structure prediction. The concept was introduced in 2006 and its philosophy more extensively discussed in 2011.

AIRSS has been used in a number of landmark studies in structure prediction, from the structure of SiH4 under pressure to providing the theoretical structures which are used to understand dense hydrogen (and anticipating the mixed Phase IV), incommensurate phases in aluminium under terapascal pressures, and ionic phases of ammonia.

The AIRSS package is tightly integrated with the CASTEP first principles total energy code. However, it is relatively straightforward to modify the scripts to use alternative codes to obtain the core functionality, and examples are provided.

In addition to numerous bug fixes, the new version has an improved build system, more examples and supports the VASP code.

The AIRSS package is released under the GPL2 licence. 

Click here to find our more, and download version 0.9.1