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Materials Theory Group



Overview of Research

The general theme of my professional work is fundamental theoretical physics research in areas of high practical interest and relevance to experiments. My research specialization is in the simulation of classical and quantum-mechanical electronic and thermal transport in low-dimensional nanostructures, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene, using classical and quantum mechanical methods. I am also interested in the development of new simulation methods as well as the general theory of nanoscale energy and charge transport.

General Research Interests

  1. Interfacial thermal and charge transport
  2. Thermal conductivity of low-dimensional nanostructures
  3. Development of new computational techniques for simulating thermal and charge transport
  4. Substrate-limited carrier mobility in 2D crystals (graphene, MoS2)
  5. Stochastic processes and methods in transport simulations
  6. Electron and phonon transport in low-dimensional nanostructures with disorder
  7. Anderson localization and percolation theory
Dr Zhun-Yong  Ong
Visiting Researcher